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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

The kids new happy place is watching cartoons on Netflix's.  While in their happy place they became hooked on Justice League, a cartoon about superheros.  So a couple months ago when I asked them what they wanted to dress up as for Halloween they both gave the same answer, "Super Heros!"  Madden knew right away he wanted to be Batman so I went with Robin.  Then I found Skylar the cute Wonder Women costume and Jake had no choice but to be Superman.


Batman refused to take part in the superhero family photo. He told us he would only take the picture if Mama or Dada took it.  He doesn't quite understand that that defeats the purpose of a family photo...haha!

Wonder Women and Pocahontas!

Robin, Pocahontas, and Queen Elsa.
Sam was the highlight for several little girls, she was practically a celebrity that night.

 The kids did a good 45 minutes of trick or treating. I stayed with them for about 15 minutes and then headed back home to pass out candy while Jake continued on with the kids.

Once the kids got back they helped me pass out candy.  They were such good helpers.  It was a long 2 1/2 hours of passing out candy.  The kids stuck to my strict rules of one piece of candy per kid and only two pieces for any Batmans or Robins.  

Skylar had a mini preschool reunion at one point during the night when Emma and Daniel showed up at the same time to trick or treat at our place.  

Skylar even run into her classroom bestie Lucy.

After all their friends showed up Skylar and Sophie were off playing with them and it was just Batman and I.  Madden was such a trooper.  He stood out there for a long time with me passing out candy to all the kids.  We got a lot of "WoW...it's Batman and Robin," and Madden just loved that. 

By 8:30 the night was dying down and we were able to just hang with everyone.  

John Smith and Pocahontas getting their grind on and Robin in stealth mode.  Not too sure what Superman was doing at that point.


 By the end of the night we figured we passed out about 1000 pieces of candy to probably around 800 kids.  Our street is the place to be for Halloween.  It sees the most activity all night and the non stop amount of trick or treaters is something unreal.  Nothing is better than Halloween on Peppertree Way!  

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  1. Well, Halloween "Bressi Style" really can't be beat. Skylar and Madden were troopers to hang in there with so many activities. Paul and I loved the "brooms" and all of your bright lights and decorations. I'm glad you mentioned "John Smith" because we couldn't figure out just WHO Eric was (we didn't put the Pocahontas theme together). 'Love the "super hero" poses. 1000 pieces of candy and 800 Trick or Treaters! WOW!!!! The kids' sure looked like they were having a super time all day AND night. Until next year.....
    Paul and Suzie