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Monday, November 2, 2015

Harvest Day Parade

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving elementary school for Skylar.  The school, teachers, parents have all be so wonderful.  Skylar is so happy to go to school everyday, she is making the sweetest friends, and she is just really blossoming into an amazing student.  

On Friday the school held their annual Harvest Parade for all the kids to parade around in their Halloween Costumes.  The kindergartners started it off by going through each classroom and picking up the students.  Madden and I had so much fun watching Skylar participate in it, and I don't think she could of been any cuter.

Skylar and her friend Lucy.  Lucy is definitely Skylar's best friend in her class.  She is all she talks about when we ask her who she hung out with at school each day.

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  1. Skylar looks so happy! It is fun to have a good friend in Kindergarten.
    Kindergarten parades are the best. I'm so glad Madden got to see it.
    Love, Suzie