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Monday, September 12, 2011

Football is BACK!!

The only positive thing about summer ending is that the NFL is back.  For those who don't know I'm a huge football fan and have watched the sport since I was in elementary school.  My parents had season tickets to the Raiders when they were still in Los Angeles and when we were kids my brother and I would go to every game with them.  Having grown up as a Raider fan, I won't lie, the Raiders will always hold a special place in my heart and I always like to see them win, unless it's against the Chargers since I now consider the Chargers my team. 

The other night Matthew who is still a big Raiders fan left this T-Shirt at our house.  I wanted to send him a picture of Skylar in his shirt so I put it on her and she was too cute.  She just loved walking around wearing her Raiders shirt that when I had to take it off her for her bath she cried.  Even though it was a Raiders T-Shirt I'm taking it as a sign that she is going to be a big football lover like her Mom.

This Sunday was the first regular season game of the season and with Jake on a flight back from St. Louis it was just Skylar and I at home to root on our team.  We both had on our Chargers gear to pump us up for the game. 

Skylar definitely had her game face on and was ready to see the Chargers finally start the season off on a fast start. 

Skylar and I were all smiles after the Chargers pulled off a W and hope that this can be the season where we finally make it to the Super Bowl. 

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