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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

My Mother's Day started off earlier in the week in Skylar's classroom when we were invited to Moms & Muffins.  Skylar and I ate blueberries muffins, that I had to picked out all the blueberries out of for Skylar to eat any and fresh fruit.  The kids sang all us Moms an adorable song and then we got to see the kids hang out for a bit and get a small glimpse on what their preschool days are like.

Madeline, Skylar, and Emma.  

Skylar made me a wonderful card, a beautiful flower for my hair and a cute jewelry dish.

For Mother's Day my Mom and I got to do what we both really like to do.....go to brunch! Jake and Dad took us to Chandlers that is right across from the beach.  The weather we beautiful so we were able to sit outside and enjoy the view.  The food was fabulous and I ate more than I probably should, but isn't that what you are suppose to do at a buffet.  The kids were great which even made the morning more enjoyable.  

Madden was there, but refused to join us for the family picture. 

I'm one lucky Mama!

My wonderful Mom and I.

Nana, Papa, and Madden. 
Skylar was in a mood and refused to join in on the picture and since it was birthday I let it slid.

Later that afternoon when I left to run an errand I received the sweetest message from my baby girl.

Having the Mother's Day weekend start off a bit rough with Madden and his ER visit, the weekend really ended on a great note.  It was a super fun Mother's Day, the kids got me just want I wanted, a swim parka, and we even got to celebrate Skylar turning 5!

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