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Monday, May 11, 2015

Guess who is 5

5....It really feels like a milestone when they turn that age.  On Sunday (Mother's Day) our sweet baby girl turned 5 years old.  I have so many mixed emotions because I don't want to see her grow up, but at the same time I can't wait to see what type of young lady she is going to become.

We told Skylar since it was her birthday she could do whatever she wants, wear whatever she wants (i.e. the random sombrero headband), and eat whatever she wanted that day.  For her birthday breakfast she requested a chocolate sprinkle doughnut that was big enough to share with Madden.  

This girl really loves presents, but at the same time she hardly gave us clues on what she wanted.  We did get her the two gifts she had been requesting for awhile.  A lalaloopsy doll and a random talking bird.  She also received between myself and my parents a ton of new dresses and grandma and grandpa sent down a couple of games that she played all day with dad.

The sombero headband was the staple of her birthday entire.  Lucky for me she didn't ask to wear it to Mother's Day brunch, but once we were home she put it back on and matched it with her Spider-Girl tutu dress that Madden got her for her birthday.  For her birthday dinner she asked for pesto chicken, with rice, and the most important side dish, mac and cheese.

She topped off her birthday requests with an ice cream sundae bar. To which she took full advantage of by putting as many gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles and M&Ms on top of her ice cream as possible.

You are the daughter that every mother and father dream of having.
We are the luckiest parents in the world to call you ours.
Wishing you a Happy 5th Birthday!

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  1. The Spider Man costume and tiny sombrero are hysterical! I love the black and white picture.
    Love, Suzie