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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun with Cousin Nico

Last time Jessee, Cara, and Nico came down to visit Skylar had fun with Nico, but this trip she really adored him.  Whatever he was doing, she wanted to join in.  She was always asking "Where's my cousin, where's my cousin?" whenever he was out of sight.  They just had a blast together! They played with all of Nico's monster trucks, put together puzzles, read books and watching cartoons every morning. We took the kids back to Legoland as Nico is the perfect age for it.  The plane ride was their favorite ride last visit and it didn't disappoint this trip.  The highlight for Nico had to of been Skylar's red mustang.  He was asking constantly to drive it.  Skylar never lets anyone else drive her car, but she loved having Nico drive her up and down the alley.  They kept telling us they were going to the movie store.    

We loved seeing how much fun Skylar had with Nico and it made me wish we lived closer so they could see each other more often, but it just makes the times they do see each other even more special!

1 comment:

  1. The pix of Skylar and Nico in the airplane would make a great advertisement for "Lego Land."
    The pix in the RED car is so cute with Nico in his Ninja Turtle costume.
    Such fun!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa