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Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Now this wasn't our first Halloween in our community as we were renting a house last year and we knew how BIG Halloween gets, but this was our first Halloween living on Peppertree Way aka Pirates Way and I don't think we really knew how CRAZY it would get.  A few days before Halloween when Jake came home and said he spent over $100.00 dollars on candy I though he was crazy and we would be stuck with leftovers.....boy was I wrong.

Down for the holiday we had a house full with my parents, my grandma, Jake's parents, Jessee, Cara, and Nico.  I was a bit nervous having so many people down, but in the end I was extremely thankful because we needed all the help we could get.  My Mom was super sweet and prepared her traditional chili and cornbread for dinner.

We decided to join in on our street's theme and dress up as pirates.  Skylar loved her costume and would say "Urrrgghh, I'm a pirate" and Madden was the perfect accessory to our costumes as our trusty parrot.  And we must not forget our ninja turtle sidekick, Nico!

Just before sundown we started getting our first trick or treaters and they didn't stop coming until about 8:30 pm once Jake put up a rope to let everyone know we were finally out of candy.  Us pirates headed out to do some trick or treating with the kids while my parents and grandma were kind enough to stay home and pass out candy (which ended up being a huge job).  Skylar was a little intimidated by the whole trick or treating. There were so many people on our street that it was hard to go house to house and usually the  front doors were packed with kids which scared her.  She hit a couple houses on our street and than hung out in the stroller with Madden who was easy, and just loved watching all the massive crowds.   

After about an hour or so of roaming our street, running into friends, and getting our Halloween fill I decided to take the kids back home to where both our parents had been passing out candy for over an hour.  Kids were even coming up our front bank trying to trick or treat.  After about the first hour they stopped giving each kid two pieces and had switched to just one piece each because the crowds of kids weren't slowing down.  I gave the kids baths and let them watch the last few trick or treaters before it was bed time for them both.  Jake's parents were kind enough to hang out at our house once the kids were asleep and we headed up to Mike and Jen's house to continue partying.

Even though Skylar wasn't into the whole trick or treating she still seemed to enjoy everything else about the holiday.  I love how our neighborhood really makes Halloween such a huge event.  At the end of it, Jake estimated by how much candy he bought we had close to 400-500 trick or treaters.  Next year we decided to get $200.00 worth of candy!

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  1. What a "fun" Halloween! When Jake said he bought $100.00 worth of candy we thought we'd all have to take some home! Who knew! At one point all 4 of us Grandparents were handing out candy at once.
    Watching Skylar and Nico go up to each house was a joy! And Madden made a darling parrot!
    Jake, Jessee, and Paul made for 3 interesting pirates to be sure! Nicole looked fetching!
    What a wonderful evening for children!
    Love, Suzie