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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Skylar's First Sleepvoer

For weeks, probably more like months, the girls have been asking for a sleepover.  Thinking that they were probably a bit too young for it and worried they wouldn't fall asleep together because they would be having too much fun we pushed it off.  Well the asking continued so we gave in.  Jess offered to host the sleepover at her house.  Skylar packed her bag and headed over right at 5:00 PM.  They started the evening by picking out their dinner from Sophie's Princess Cookbook.  Their choice: Meatloaf and Mac & Cheese.

Samantha and Isabelle joined in on the fun as well.

Bath time.  

All clean and in their jammies the girls tucked their dolls into bed.

After a handful of books it was time to turn off the lights and call it a night.  Jess said it look Skylar a bit to go down as she probably didn't fall asleep until around 9:30 PM, but not a peep from the two of them until 6:30 AM.  

First sleepover was a SUCCESS!

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  1. What a great way to have a first sleep-over--with the "doll friends" and a best friend right next door! So cute!