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Monday, August 10, 2015

Skylar at Cheer Camp

After our trip to Newport it was back to camp for Skylar and Madden.  I signed Skylar up for this little cheer and dance camp months ago.  I remembered seeing a friend's daughter doing it last summer and it was too adorable to pass up.  Skylar and her friend Ellie signed up together and had the best week.  Each day had a theme and they were taught different cheer moves and a dance routine for their end of the week performance.  During the week they also did art and crafts, a talent show (which Skylar said she and her friend Ellie did a dance to Taylor Swift - Blank Space for their talent), and had a water day.

For the final day the parents were asked to come early to watch the girls perform everything they had learned.  We had been begging Skylar all week to show us some cheer moves, but she wanted to leave it all for the performance.

Skylar and Ellie.

They started the performance off with the cheer portion of the show.

Then it was time to get their dance on.  I was so proud of her that she was able to learn that whole dance in just a week.  We had a blast watching her!

Click on the below link to watch her dance performance.

Summer camps have been a big success this summer for Skylar.

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  1. Skylar Grace, super cheer! I just love the pom pons!