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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Newport Beach - July 2015

For my Mom's 60th Birthday my Dad rented a beach house down in Newport Beach for a week.  It had been about two years since our last visit to Newport, so I was really looking forward to it.  We are also looking forward to spending time with Matthew, Erin and of course, Baby Lennon.
 The kids are at a great age for the beach.  They both love jumping in the waves and playing in the sand so I knew they would be entertained the whole time.

Beach Day #1

We usually started each morning with a cake pop from Starbucks or donuts from the local donuts shop.  I know, not ideal, but come on, it was vacation!

Doing some morning shopping.

Lennon looking like a total beach baby.  Skylar and Matthew jumping waves.  Madden digging his first of many holes of the week.

Lennon wasn't the biggest fan of the water, but as the week went on he got better for sure.

The kids are always picking on poor Papa.

Water fight!!!!

Down for nap after the long beach morning.

That evening we celebrate mom's birthday at Sabatinos. 

Cousin Love!

Keeping Lennon entertained at the restaurant.

Madden loves his cousin Lennon so much.  He was hugging him the whole trip.  Skylar and Brittany selfie.

After dinner we went to the pier for dessert.  Skylar was really into her bubble gum ice cream if you can't tell.

Beach Day #2

It was a donut morning.

Brent and Jackie joined us at the beach and brought they grand-daughters Harper and Delaney.  Skylar and Harper hit it off and played all day.  Brittany and KK were so sweet and amazing.  They pretty much were down the whole week and played with the kids so much.  When they left for just one day/night Skylar was asking for them all day long.

Delaney enjoying the water table.  Lennon enjoying the sand.

Skylar skipped nap that day, but Madden couldn't last.  

That evening we had taco tuesday and kept it mellow at the house, expect for Lennon who couldn't get enough of Skylar.

Beach Day #3

I took the kids for a ride on the boardwalk and we stopped at the playground on the beach.

Lennon putting his toes in the sand.

That afternoon Jackie came down with her three boys.  They all played in the waves, dug holes, searched for shells, and built sand castles with Jake.

Skylar ended up passing out around 4:00 PM in her chair.

That evening the four of us took a long bike ride along the boardwalk.

Beach Day #4

Morning cartoons.

Another donut day.  Madden shared his donut holes with Lennon.

Morning wrestling match between Lennon and Madden.  Could be all the sugar from the donut holes.

Madden flying his kite.

 The water temps were so warm that we could barely keep the kids out of it.

Uncle Jake built sand castles for Lennon to knock down.  He loved it!

That evening the whole family headed down to the Fun Zone and Balboa Island. 

Skylar and Jake rode the ferris wheel while Madden played in the arcade.  We ate dinner at a local pizza place and then caught the fairy over to the island.

We had dessert at the original frozen banana place before hopping back on the bikes to head home.

Brittany and Mom.

Jake and I. 

Lennon was such a trooper. He hung in to almost the very end before he past out on the bike ride home.

Our Last Beach Day #5

The kids started the last day how they began their first day with a trip over to Starbucks for a cake pop.

Wanting to spend as much time at the beach this day as possible I made sure we made it out there early.  The kids had a blast this day.  They jumped waves with Brit and Unc, played with Lennon and took the longest naps ever on the beach.  

By 4:00 PM Jenn, Matt, and Mackenzie made it down for a little bit of beach time and dinner.  Jake put together an awesome seafood spread of food and after that we took our special treats down to the beach to run around and watch the sunset for our last night.

Nana and Papa with their 3 favorite people.


Jumping off the lifeguard tower.

Having fun with everyone.

That night the kids had a pajama party.  KK let the kids take a ton of pictures with her polaroid camera and the kids stayed up pretty late.

For those who know me, they know when I go on vacation I just want to relax.  I don't care to go somewhere to site see and do adventurous activities.  Warm water and sun and I'm a happy girl.  That is what we had and it made for a great time.  The kids were so great, they had so much fun and they were so easy the whole week.  When we asked them their favorite part of the whole trip both had the same answer "Playing with baby Lennon!"  

Definitely a trip for the memory books!

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  1. Fun in the So Cal sun, that is for sure! I'm sure your mom had a wonderful 60th birthday with her whole family together! Too many cute pictures to comment on this time. But the sleeping pictures were so cute. You did everything possible, and that is for sure. Happy Birthday, Diane! The best is yet to come, I can assure you!:-)
    Suzie and Grand-ma