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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Madden's First Day of Preschool Summer Camp

Once we got Madden potty trained, which went faster and better than expected I signed him up for summer camp at Redeemer. He definitely has his mom's personality and isn't a fan of change.  With preschool starting in the Fall I knew it was going to be a big change, so I figured summer camp would be a nice baby step for him.

The past couple weeks we have been talking about school and how he is going to be going to school soon.  When I would drop Skylar off I would always try and point something fun out on the playground to him and remind him he will get to play with that soon.  I would get a 50/50 reaction from him.  He would be excited and ask questions about it or he would care less and say "me don't want to go to school."

Well this morning the day came and it was time for Madden to go to preschool summer camp.  Last night he was already saying how he didn't want to go to school and I chopped it up to him just being tired, but the first thing out of his mouth this morning was "me don't want to go to school today!"  All morning I was pretty much on edge and just trying to please him.  Giving him whatever he wanted to eat, letting him watch whatever cartoon, and offering him a special show tonight before bed as along as he went to school.   

Off to school we went and Madden was not having it.  He was refusing to talk to anyone and hiding behind my legs.  Once we got to Room 4 he refused to go in because he wanted to go upstairs to Skylar's old classroom (the room he was familiar with).   I carried him into the classroom and Skylar, Lauren and I tried to show him all the fun things in the room.  He just pouted around the classroom saying "NO" to everything.  After giving his teacher, Miss. Taylor a warning that he was probably going to flip out, I gave him a quick hug and said good-bye and all three of us ran out the door to Madden kicking, screaming, and being held back by his teacher.

About an hour or so later his sweet teacher texted me the below message and picture letting me know he was doing great!  

First day of preschool summer camp started a bit rough, but so glad that it ended with a big smile!

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  1. Phew! One day down. We knew Madden would enjoy school once he got used to it. He has always loved stories and books. That was nice that the teacher texted you that his day was going well.
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa