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Monday, June 27, 2016

Del Mar Fair 2016

This summer I'm happy to announce we made it to the Del Mar Fair for the first time ever!  Most people were shocked to hear we have never been.  Sadly I have had a bad taste in my mouth about the Fair because I have to sit in Fair traffic for the whole month of June.  I see all the cars and crowds that it has totally turned me off to going.  This year I was somewhat forced to go for two reasons 1) My boss gave me a Fair Ticket Package for Staff Appreciation Day and 2) Skylar's dance number was chosen to perform at the Fair.  I took the day off work and we headed down to the Fair with Jess and Sophie.

Not long after we arrived Kelly, Braydon, and Siena joined in on all the fun.  We hit as many rides and games before Skylar and Siena's performances.

Skylar did great during her performance and it was sad to see Grand Ole Flag come to an end.

Jake and Madden came down right after Madden got out of school.  Madden was the perfect height to ride most of the rides.

Monster Truck was a HIT!

Ferris Wheel

Jake and Madden racing down the slide.  He loved it.  I really wish Skylar wasn't so scared and would of rode it as well.

A Fair must....the Bumper Cars!

The kids did ride after rides.  Between the five kids we must of went through 300 tickets.  They had popcorn, snow cones and endless fun.  I'm totally hooked on the Fair and can't wait until next year!!

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  1. I am so glad Skylar got to dance at the fair. There is nothing like an old fashion fair. It is so American! Great, happy pictures of Madden! So many fun rides for the kids. I like the picture of them on the horse.