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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Brick or Treat

The Halloween festivities countine to roll on for the Ernest Family.  Last week we did our annual trip to Brick or Treat at Leogland.  Superheros are what the kids are all about lately, so picking out their Brick or Treat costume was an easy choice.   

We met up with Sophie and Reese.  Reese is the girls new friend from their soccer team. It was Madden's first trip to Brick or Treat and he didn't seem to mind being the only boy of the group.

We ran into Bray and Sienna once we got into the park.  We were able to ride the carousal with them and watch a Halloween show.

The girls got to do-si-do with the Legoland friends while a folk band jammed on.

Spider Girl and Pocahontas!

We later hit up the Wanda's dance party at the Sea Life aquarium.  The kids had such a good time there.  The beach balls were the highlight of the party.  Kids were running around like crazy chasing them down.  Madden would block kids up against a wall and then smack the ball out of their hands.  Whenever he got the ball he would run it over and give it to his sister.  He said they were all working as a team to get them.

They finally put the balls away for a bit and got the kids to dance. Madden for sure had his dancing shoes on that evening and danced the night away.  

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  1. Just love Madden and Skylar's dance moves. I could just see Madden getting the balloons and giving them to his sister. What a fun event!