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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Skylar celebrated a big milestone this weekend by losing her first tooth.  Like most things with Skylar it was a pretty slow process.  Her tooth had been loose for weeks.  Jake and I would tell her you have to wiggle it and she would tell us, "I did wiggle it one time today."  So to say the least it took at least a month before it came out.  She woke up Friday morning and the tooth was sitting really high and barely hanging on.  I sat with her for a half an hour trying to convince her to let me wiggle it, I was showing her how to wiggle back and forth with her tongue.  I gave her snacks and told her to bite the snack with her tooth because it was about to fall out, but being the apprehensive child that she is, left it as it was.

That evening we headed out to dinner with the Rossittos.  The kids ordered pizza and as we were all sitting there eating when Jess shouts "Skylar your tooth!"  We all told her it was gone and to spit it out.  She spit everything in her mouth into Jake's hand (nasty), but no tooth.  She was too late and looked to have swallowed it a couple bites before Jess notice it.  We all cheered and gave her big hugs and ordered ice cream around to celebrate.  Luckily she wasn't too upset that she swallowed her tooth and we told her not to worry, we would write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.

Jake and I had a plan in place.  He was going out to meet a buddy and when he got home he would slip the $5.00 from the tooth fairy under Skylar's pillow.  I awoke to Jake walking straight into our room and to bed, so I assumed that he had one to many and forgot his tooth fairy duties.  So I got up, ran downstairs grabbed a five and slyly went into Skylar's room, pulled the note from under her pillow and slipped a five dollar bill under it.  That morning we were up before the kids and Jake was asking where the note was because he couldn't find it so he just put the money under her pillow.  Lucky for Skylar she woke up to a ten spot because of the double visit.  

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this story. I think it would make a great Reader's Digest entry. Skylar looks so grown up with the missing tooth! Good job, Mom and Dad!