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Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Patch and more Pumpkin Fun!

Yes, even with this ridiculous heat we still made it out to Bates Nut Farm for our annual pumpkin patch trip.  We went on the first week they were open and it was completely empty, but the temps weren't on our side.  It was a toasty 95 degrees out there, so it made our trip pretty quick.  Skylar got her pony ride in.  For some reason we still can't get Madden to ride one.  

The kids were pretty timid when it came to feeding the animals. They both refused the petting zoo, but after some convincing we got them to throw the corn kernels through the fence.

Madden even shared his fig bar with the goats, which if you know Madden and his fig bars, sharing is never an option.

The heat couldn't keep Skylar out of the corn maze.  Madden lasted about 10 feet and asked to go back in the shade.  

Nana and Uncle Chris were such trooper and ran the maze with her.  She was very determined to get her card completed.  

Annual Bates Nut Farm Family photo.  Madden refused to join us. 

With the heat a blazing, it was time to pick out our pumpkins and get out of there.  I was able to rain Madden in a bit and keep him from throwing in every pumpkin he could pick up.  I promised them two pumpkins each, which seemed to do the trick.  

Even with the temperatures being outrageous for this time of year, just having the pumpkins around the house is helping it feel like fall.

A couple weeks ago my Mom asked me if I wanted to go to this special event happening at the Safari Park in San Diego.  It's called Rise of the Jack o Lanterns, and it's a trail of 5000+ amazingly craved pumpkins.  It was a definite YES and we purchased tickets right away.  We had a big group of my parents, Matthew, Erin, Lennon, as well as Brittany and KK. My pictures are pretty bad and don't do any of it justice.  

Madden and Sponge Bob Square Pants.  The kids had the eyes closed in every pictures because of the flash.

You can see the incredible dinosaurs craved all out of pumpkins.

Chinese Dragon.

After we made it through the trail the kids round around a bit with Lennon.  They couldn't get enough of Lennon, especially Madden.  He wouldn't stop giving him hugs and would sneak in a couple kisses.  He was devastated when it was time for everyone to leave.  He kept telling us how he didn't want Lennon to go home.

We all had a good time as a family and couldn't of been more entertained by the pumpkin displays.

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  1. Maybe next year we will be able to go to the pumpkin patch with you again. We have a picture of Skylar trying to lift her pumpkin when she was about 1 1/2. It looks like the same pose as the one of her in the middle of the patch this year. Great pictures of Madden, too.
    Love, Suzie