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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 2015

Social Committee hosted Concert in the Park for the whole community.

Went to brunch with my favorite people to celebrate the two new babies that are on the way.

Beating the heat!  We hit up the beach for the evening.

Started off the Halloween Season the best way we know how.  Mickey's Halloween Party with Lennon.  The kids had a blast.

They were both mesmerized by the Paint the Night Parade.

We were all able to get together and celebrate Matt's 35th Birthday.  So rare when this happens.

Skylar had a special play date at Legoland with her friend Sydney from school.  Girls have become  such sweet friends.

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  1. Great pictures to celebrate so many happy events! You girls--both College and Bressi friends--look just wonderful. I love Skylar's "Minnie" dress. It looked like so much fun in Disneyland with Lennon. I bet Madden loved the "lights" parade. Thank you for sharing these fun pictures.
    Love, Suzie