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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Madden's First Day of 3 Year Old Preschool

The best thing we did this summer was put Madden's into summer camp at Redeemer to make him familiar with preschool.  He did great all summer and begged to go everyday. So when he had his first day of preschool last week I wasn't worried about him one bit.  I knew how excited he was for it, he just didn't feel the same about his preschool 3 pancake.

Madden is very much against taking pictures so I was having some major anxiety for his first day of school picture.  His one request was that only he and Mama be out there and that he only had to take three pictures.  I was so relieved I was able to get the shots that I did.  He looked so adorable that morning.

Lucky for Madden he had two recent preschool grads to escort him on his first day.  To my surprise Madden didn't get the same preschool teachers that Skylar did. He actually was assigned to Room 2 with Ms. Tanya and Ms. Marian.  

With  Madden already knowing the ropes, he was the first kid in his classroom.  He ran from the gate, right to Room 2 and into the arms of Ms. Marian for the biggest welcome hug ever.  He found his cubby immediately, put his backpack in, the girls helped him grab his name and he was off to play with a toy.  I got the quickest good-bye kiss ever from him and it was right back to playing. 

When I went back to pick him up he didn't have the happiest look on his face.  First he was upset that he had spilled his snack, guacamole all over his handsome shirt (he was calling it his handsome shirt because I kept telling him how handsome he looked).  He said he kept raising his hand for more because it was so good.  Secondly because he didn't get to eat lunch at school that day.  All very minor complaints, because he was asking the next morning if he got to go to Room 2 today.  

If you would of asked him six months ago if I thought Madden was going to be such an easy preschooler I would of said not a chance.  He was still was having some anger issues, he needed work on his speech and just the thought of him being on his "own" was just crazy to me, but he has proven me wrong.  He has grown so much in so many aspects the past six months that I don't have a single worry about him.  I just know he is going to make such an excellent preschooler that I can't wait for this awesome experience he is about to have.

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  1. zIt warms my heart to see these pix of Madden at Pre-school. I just love his hair and BIG smile! The picture of him walking between two "older" alums was great!
    Happy School Days, Madden!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa