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Monday, January 14, 2013

Erin's Bridal Shower

This weekend I think it really hit me that my little brother is getting married.  I was sitting there watching Erin open up all her gifts, when I looked back and told my Mom and her friend Allison that I can't believe Matthew is getting married.  Erin and Matthew have been dating for 8 years, they have been engaged for a year and a half, and we have been talking about the wedding for months now, but it wasn't until the shower this weekend that it became so real to me....my little brother is a real grown up.  Okay, enough of the sappy stuff!

We had such a nice time at Erin's beautiful bridal shower.  Erin's best friend Tanya is her maid of honor, and let me tell you, she is the ideal MOH.  She already helped throw an amazing engagement party back in November, she is totally on top of the bachelorette party and she put together a beautiful shower for Erin.  The shower was held at one of Erin's family friends house in Riverside.  The home is an old Victorian style home with gorgeous grounds.  Skylar was very excited to attend Auntie's party.  She couldn't wait for the cupcakes and cake I told her she was going to be able to have at the party and she liked to point out that the party was only for girls, so Dada and Madden couldn't come.  When we arrived they had a awesome lay out of appetizers and drinks with great decor.

For lunch we dined on yummy sandwiches and salads.  Skylar was having too much fun and didn't want to spend too much time eating.  She wanted to go play with the other girls in the bridal party. Melissa turned out to be her new best friend as she would just keep coming back to check in on me, but would say she wanted to go back and play with Melissa.  I think Melissa really became her best friend when she got her a piece of cake.  

Present time!! Erin has great taste because she registered for the cutest stuff and it was really fun seeing everything she got. Skylar helped Auntie open all her gifts.  She would show off the presents to the crowd and made sure to give the ribbons to Tanya and the trash to KK.  She even would start opening up gifts before Auntie was ready.  With every gift open, Skylar would ask Erin if it was princess stuff in the box.  She was really hoping for princess accessories.  She was so cute up there and I'm glad Erin was such a good sport for letting her help.  

Skylar and I loved attending the shower and meeting the rest of the bridal party.  It looked to be a perfect day for Erin, as she was showered with a ton of love from all her friends and family. 

The Beautiful Bridal Party

Erin and her sisters!

 Now on to the wedding.....7 weeks away!! 

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  1. What a lovely bridal shower. Erin looks so happy; and it looked like a beautiful day! I am sure that Skylar enjoyed handing out all of the gifts! And that cake looked so good!
    Such lovely decorations, too.
    Good luck, Erin. I know you will make a beautiful bride!