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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

After having dozens of Amazon packages arrive to our home, wrapped enough present to make it feel like a part time job, and eat so many cookies that I easily gained five pounds, Christmas arrived. 

 We headed up to Riverside the night before Christmas Eve to make sure we would be ready to spread tamales.  This year the tamale spreading started off a bit rough.  My dad was stressing out because Aunt Sandra who had the sauce and meat was running late, we didn't think we would have enough spreaders to get them done in time, and on top of that half of the crew had colds.  Lucky for us Aunt Sandra arrived before Dad went and hunted her down, Jeremy surprised us and arrived early to help spread and Dad had Gabe pick up medical masks and gloves for the sick.  Everyone went to work and we busted our 4 to 5 dozen all within Skylar and Madden's nap time.  

Family photo.

Skylar loved spending Christmas with her baby cousin Lennon!

A picture of Papa with all (well most, Gabe was MIA) his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

This Christmas Eve was even more special than others because the whole family got to watch George proposed to Miranda!  She was totally shocked and was on a high the rest of the night.  Everyone is so thrilled for these two to make it official.

I think Skylar came up to me at a minimum of 25 times asking when it was time to open presents.  She is totally at the age where present opening is everything.  Madden has been pretty interesting this holiday season when it comes to present opening.  He had opened a few gifts already and he either wanted nothing to do with opening it at all or would open it and start YELLING, CRYING and THROWING the present because it wasn't a train.  I must admit it was pretty funny to watch at times, but also a bit embarrassing. 

The kids were great during the present opening.  I always pass out the presents so its hard to watch, but Madden got two trains so he was happy.  He kept saying "More pres me Mama?!?!"  He was only upset over a pair of Thomas the Train pjs, which kind of surprised me.  He's still is refusing to wear the pajamas.  

Skylar got two barbie sets and art and craft items and she couldn't of been happier!  Always so magical watching the kids open their gifts.

That night we got home late.  Gave the kids a quick/Madden going nuts because he was so tired bath and put them to bed.  Jake and I put out the presents and ate some of the cookies for Santa.  Skylar asked Santa for Samantha (an American Girl Doll), and Madden received a Garage Truck.  I must admit I was pretty worried about what Madden's reaction was going to be in the morning to the Garage Truck.  

Think their faces say it all!  

This was our first Christmas morning it being just the four of us.  Last year my parents came down at 7:00 AM to watch the kids open presents, but this year they did breakfast with Matthew, Erin and Lennon so it was just us.  Skylar opens up her at warp speed.  Madden would take it slow. He would open one, then go back to this garbage truck for 10 minutes and then open other.  By the time we have all opened our gifts Madden had three to four gifts still under the tree that he hadn't opened.

Jake made a special french toast breakfast which only he and I ate since the kids were too distracted with their gifts.  We Skyped with Grandma and Grandpa and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Around lunch time came round three of present opening when my parents and Uncle Chris arrived.  Dad was sicker than on Christmas Eve so he was wearing his mask all Christmas Day.  Jake put together a fantastic prime rib meal and we all just ate, watch the kids play with their toys, and hung out the rest of the day. 

A couple days after Christmas Jake's parents arrived to stay with us for a couple nights.  They hadn't even unpacked their car yet and Skylar was already asking to open presents.  I think we were able to get her to wait an hour before we opened the gifts.  Grandma and Grandpa got the kids a ton of board games and Grandpa even made Madden is own blocks out of wood, which were a total hit.  

I love the build up for Christmas, but hate that when its here it go so fast.  The kids were great this holiday season and they truly make the holiday season what it is.  

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  1. Looking at these pictures, it is so hard to believe the Christmas season is over for another year. I love the family pix making tamales. So serious! Diane's tree looks so pretty with the lights twinkling in front of the white of the tree. A wedding proposal on Christmas Eve is so special. I enjoyed the group picture of the whole family. It is so much fun for me to see all the little children growing up. And the Christmas morning pictures are so cute. Madden WAS excited to get his garbage truck. Skylar was really into "her" gifts this year. What a wonderful celebration to be sure. Thanks for including the picture of Paul and I in our Santa hats. Love, Suzie