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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Father / Daughter Dance 2016

Last week Skylar and Jake got dressed to the nines and had a very special date night.  Skylar's school hosted their annual Father/Daughter Dance.  We had been talking to Skylar about it for weeks and she was extremely excited for it.  Plus anytime she gets to put on a fancy dress she is in heaven.  She and Jake looked great!     

Big thumbs up the whole night. 

Dad and Skylar #selfie.

Us moms had been chatting about getting the dads and girls together before the dance so we made a dinner reservation for all of them.  Jake said dinner was a blast for all the girls.  They just laughed, chatted and even pulled the ultimate girl move by all going to the bathroom together.  

Audrey, Lucy, Skylar, Olivia, and Madeline

Proud Dads and their girls.

Skylar and her classmate Olivia.

Once they left dinner and all went to the dance is sounded like the girls kind of lost each other and Skylar and Jake were doing their own thing.  There was a dessert bar, hula hoops, and even a photo booth.  Jake and Skylar danced to Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and even got a slow dance in to Lonestar.  They both came home raving about the night.  I love that the two of them get to do such special things together.

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Skylar looks so beautiful. What a pretty dress. We love the picture of Jake and Skylar's close up, and the one where they are striking a dance pose at home. What a wonderful event for Fathers and daughters. I am sure Jake and Skylar were the best dancers! Lovely, lovely pictures and memories!
    Grand-ma and Grand-pa