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Monday, April 24, 2017

Madden's 5th Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated a milestone birthday for Madden.  Our sweet little guy turned the big 5!  I kept telling Madden what a big birthday this was and turning 5 was a special occasion.  He on the other hand didn't agree and said big birthdays are when you have two numbers in your age, like 10....11....12...haha!  

This year for Madden's birthday we invite just his preschool class to his party.  He loves his classmates so much and wanted to spend his special day with just them.  

Madden and his buddies, Carter, Zach and Cruz.

Magic Madden is what you can call him lately.  Ever since my dad got him a small magic kit he has been all about magic tricks so I decide to hire a magician to perform for the kids.  They all absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough of the magician and his tricks.  

We even had a face painter for the kids to enjoy.  Madden and his buddies of course went with the same theme.  I think every boy got a scorpion on their faces.

Hudson and Carol.

By the end of the day Madden said it was the best day ever and that he wanted to wake up and doing his party all over again.

As Madden's birthday week continued he celebrated his birthday at his school.

He received his traditional birthday donut on the morning of his actual birthday.  That day my parents came down and we made Madden his birthday dinner....tacos with an ice cream cake!  

Turning 5 definitely looks good on that face.

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