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Monday, April 11, 2011

Birch Aquarium - La Jolla

Well it was another fabulous weekend in San Diego! We could not of asked for better weather once the weekend hit, so when we woke up Saturday morning we decided we needed to go out and enjoy it.  After having waffles for breakfast (Skylar's favorite) Jake and I decided to take Skylar to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.   Jake had never been before and I had gone once for a school assignment for my geography class back in college.  The early birds we are, we arrived right as it was opening, which was a good thing because it got crowded pretty quick. 

When entering Jake started looking for a map, which we quickly realized you didn’t need because isn’t very big.  Skylar seemed to enjoy looking at all the aquariums, but was easily distracted with all the kids running around.  I think she enjoyed watching all the kids more than the fish. 

We headed to the hugely advertised Shark Tank expecting to see Jaws swimming around but were disappointed to just find a couple tiger sharks in a small tank.  The Shark photo booth was definitely the highlight of any of the sharks we saw.

You can't beat the view that the aquarium has.  It sits up on the cliffs of La Jolla looking directly out to the Pacific.  Skylar really loved playing in the fake coral.  She was hoarding all the starfish from the other kids who came up and wanted to play with them.

After the aquarium we decided to take a quick stroll around La Jolla Cove before heading home.  Skylar napped while Jake and I admired the ocean which we both do miss now that we are living in the suburbs.  Luckily before we left Skylar woke up and was able to look at all the sea lions at the Children's Pool.  It was a great family outing for the three of us and we look forward to more of them as the weather just gets better.

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