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Monday, April 4, 2011

First Pool Experience

When we moved into our new place one of the great things about the community is the pool area.  So when the temperature was over 80 last week I decided Skylar and I would enjoy the weather and go swimming. After our workout in the morning we went to Target and picked up swim diapers and a raft.  I lathered Skylar up in sunblock and packed our beach bag with towels and snacks and we headed up to the pool…but of course, nothing happened as I hoped it would.
Before entering the water

Once we arrival I noticed that Skylar had already peed in her swim diaper and had a huge wet spot on her swimsuit, so I figure it was time to hit the water.  I placed Skylar in her raft in the pool and she immediately began to scream and cry.  She hated the raft and didn't seem to be a fan of the pool.  There was a little boy, probably Skylar’s age who was also in the pool in the same raft as she who was having the time of his life, while Skylar didn't enjoy one second of it.

I decided I didn’t want to make everyone else’s time at the pool unbearable by having to listen to a screaming baby so I took Skylar out of the pool sat her on the lounge chair where she put her stone face on and didn’t perk up again until I gave her some snacks.  After she cheered up I let her cruise around the lounge chairs.  Finally in a happy mood she decides to take a big poop in her swim diaper.  Thank goodness I brought an extra swim diaper, but in my rush to get to the pool I forgot wipes.  So needless to say, we had to head home after only being there less than an hour and the pool experience I was hoping for didn’t turn out like I was picturing.  Luckily summer is just beginning and we will get another shot at it.

Before poop


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  2. I really liked reading about Skylar's 1st pool experience. You never know with kids how they're going to react. But the pictures, Nicole, were priceless! The "stone-faced" Skylar was my favorite. It looked like she was thinking, "Maybe if I don't make eye-contact with anyone we can go home!"
    Much love,
    Skylar's Grand-ma Suzie