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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dianne's Bachelorette Party

Well, I hate to say it, but it looks to be the end of an era for us girls and bachelorette parties.  Last weekend we celebrated Dianne's bachelorette and it was definitely the opposite from our first bachelorette party we all did together.  Thank goodness Dianne didn't want to do anything crazy and just wanted to keep it mellow by going out to a nice dinner and doing some bar hoping in the Gaslamp.  We got hotel rooms at the Marriott downtown and all met up there in the afternoon.  Darci and Jenn decorated the room for Dianne, while the rest of us kept her company at the hotel bar.  Everyone surprised Dianne with cute lingerie and her favorite desserts from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

 Dianne was so sweet and got a little gift for all of us girls.

Starting the night off right!

For dinner Darci made a reservations at the Red Pearl Kitchen, which was so yummy.  They even gave us a ton of free appetizers that were just to die for.  It was perfect, just us, hanging out at a nice dinner, having great conversation and not being in some crazy loud club.  I even decided to have my first drink in a year due to being pregnant and now feeding (which ended up being my last drink of the night as well).

After dinner we did some bar hopping.  Seeing that it has been years since we had all been out downtown together we had a hard time in the beginning finding a place to go.  We started at the new bar/restaurant Searsucker, but that didn't last long as it was packed and getting drinks was a pain.  We decided we just wanted a place mellow where we could all chat and enjoy the night, so we ended up at the rooftop of J Bar.  

Jackie and I (the Prego and Nursing Mom) ended the night before everyone else and headed back to the hotel about midnight.  Everyone else made one last pit stop at another bar on the way back to the hotel.  There really wasn't a better way to celebrate Dianne's upcoming wedding.  She had a great time, we had tasty food and drinks, we didn't get hit on by a bunch of sweaty drunk guys, and no one was super hungover.  Like I said, it was extremely different from our first bachelorette party 6 years ago, but I would have to say this was one of my favorites.  Congrats again D I'm super-excited for you!

Now, on to the wedding!!


  1. Nicole!
    Well, watching you and your "friends" grow up makes me so happy, but a little bit sad. It was like watching the 1st season and 1st movie of "Sex and The City" for me.
    But you all look so happy and ready for the next pages of your lives.
    Much love to Dianne and all of you!
    Thanks for sharing this event! Nicole.xoxo Suzie

  2. Dianne's Bachelorette Party is looking heart throbbing. From the décor to the fun party freaks, everything is brilliant. My best friend is also working on her bachelorette bash that she would host at the local event venue in LA and I am helping her with the DIY arrangements. Your post has helped me a lot in making her party enjoyable.