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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dianne & Jake's Wedding

I don't think I could of pictured Dianne's wedding any other way; it was extremely non-traditional, which is so Dianne.  They kept their ceremony very private with just family and even had Jake's older brother officiate it.  There were no over the top wedding dresses, no bridal party, no traditional first dance, no wedding cake and after the wedding everyone went out to a bar to continue the celebration.

The wedding took place in La Jolla at the Darlington House which provided the perfect setting.  When we first arrived, Dianne and Jake had just finished the ceremony and were taking pictures with family.  I couldn't help but tear up when I first saw Dianne.  She looked so pretty and happy that I couldn't hold my emotions in.

We had a great time at cocktail hour mingling with everyone and seeing both Jake and Dianne's families.  Us girls were also a bit of a mess because we knew we had our speech to give and needed to have a couple run-throughs before the reception started.  I think everyone husbands could probably have given our speeches for us since we probably practiced it 100X each.

Jake's Mom and Dianne did a fanastic job putting the whole reception together.  The colors were so pretty, clean and were perfect for a summer night wedding.  The food was not your typical dry chicken wedding food.  They had the most amazing mac and cheese (which is Dianne's favorite) with bacon on top... I thought I was going to die eating it.  When it came to speech time, I must admit I was extremely nervous.  Luckily, I knew that this would be the last speech we would ever be giving at a wedding (since Jackie, Jenn, & Darci were already married)... still... I didn't want to mess it up.  Everyone said very touching things about Dianne and we all let Jake know how much we love him for loving our best friend.

Like I mentioned earlier there was no traditional first dance for the bride and groom.  Instead they requested that everyone join them on the dance floor to all dance to no other than 2PAC and Dr. Dre's "California Love".  I can't lie, our dancing skills aren't quite like they were when we were in college, but we tried our best to keep with the beat.

The night was a ton of fun and I loved seeing Dianne so happy.  She and Jake make the most amazing couple and I wish them both nothing more than a lifetime of love and happiness. 

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  1. These pix make me tear up. The last of "the group" to get married. Great job on the pictures, Jake! Dianne and "husband" Jake make a "model" perfect pair. Nicole, I wish I could have been there to hear your speech. The reception looked so classy, and like so much fun. Much good luck and happiness to the new couple. And Jake E. must turn "wedding" photos into a side job:) Love, Suzie