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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Skylar's Big Girl Room

Okay, so anyone who knows me, knows that I really don't have a decorative bone in my body.  I have never really been good at putting cute things together and I usually get tired of whatever I pick out really fast (probably why Jake and I are on our third comforter set in just a few years).

When we moved into our new house I knew I really wanted to make Skylar the perfect "big girl" room when she was ready to transition out of her crib.  The poor girl is on her third house and third room in under two years and I felt she deserved to have a room she would be able to grow up in.  Luckily for me, one of my girlfriends posted some pictures of her son's bedroom on Facebook and I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  I asked her how she put it together and she told me her good friend who is a decorator of children's rooms put it all together for her.  I asked if she would contact her to see if she would be willing to put Skylar's room together and thankfully she was happy to help.

When Leyla first came over I had just the bedding (which was the second set I had purchased, since I didn't like the first one enough and took it back).  I just told her that I wanted a room that Skylar could grow with and let her take it from there.  She was great to always be sending me emails or text messages of items she found.  Of course I loved everything and totally trusted her tasted.  She even picked out the paint colors and a few weeks ago I put Jake to work on painting the room.  

The other day Leyla and her Mom came over to put together Skylar's "big girl" room with everything she had bought.  I knew what all of the items were, but seeing them up in the room gave them a different look.  It all came out perfectly!! It was everything that I asked for; something timeless, simple and clean looking, a room that a little girl could treasure.  

It worked out perfectly because right when Leyla and her Mom finished the room, Jake and Skylar walked in the door.  Jake had told her that Mama had a surprise in her room, so she ran straight up stairs.  It was so cute when we let her open the door and walk in.  She was so excited that she wouldn't really say much, she just kept looking all around, waving her arms, smiling and hugging me.  The smile on her face made it all worth it. 

She was so excited to sleep in her new room that she wanted to go to bed early that night!


  1. Looks amazing Nicky!! I absolutely love it!!!

  2. I love the "empowering" words for Skylar to see and eventually read. (You know how much the "written word" means to me.) We love seeing Skylar with a huge smile all cozy in her bed. The bench is a perfect touch, Nicole. That's so cute that she wanted to go to bed "early." Great job to all who helped put this special room together for our "perfect" Granddaughter!
    Love, Grand-ma and Grand-pa