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Monday, September 17, 2012

Football is Back!

My Sundays are now complete that football is back!!  We go seven long months with no Sunday football and I count the days until the NFL's returns.  With two kids now watching a full football game is totally impossible which is something I'm trying to get used too.  Jake has been great and taking Skylar to the pool or park Sunday mornings to help tired her out so we know she will take a long nap.  It was the Chargers first home game this past Sunday and we made sure to get the kids in the Chargers spirit.  Skylar was jealous at first to see Madden wearing his Chargers oneies that she immediately wanted her Chargers dress on.  Skylar did a bunch of cheering and clapping whenever she would see us cheering.  We may have a cheerleader on our hands!  

Growing up and watching football with my parents is a memory that I still remember and cherish.  We were huge Raiders fans and I would go to each home game with my parents when they were still the LA Raiders and I have nothing but fond memories from those Sundays.  I thank them for making me the football fanatic that I am today.  I really want Skylar and Madden to enjoy football as much as I do and I hope its something we can all watch and enjoy together as a family.....well they really may have no choice!


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  1. We were in the Atlanta airport waiting for our connecting flight home from Belize when we saw our first football game. We thought of you guys and how much you all love football. We had been so far away from family for over 10 days, and we felt like "yes" we are almost home. But, you know us, NCAA is so still so far away!

    Love, Suzie and Paul