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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Visit from Uncle Jessee and Cousin Nico

Skylar was so excited that her cousin Nico was coming into town for a visit.  Nico and Jessee arrived late on Thursday so Skylar and Madden were already asleep when they got to our house.  The next morning Skylar was eating her breakfast and Nico peaked his head out and Skylar gave out the cutest scream of excitement and had the biggest smile on her face.  This was just the beginning of a fun filled weekend.

On Friday, Jake, Jessee, Nico and Skylar all went to Sea World.  They saw every animal exhibit Sea World has to offer and of course watched the Shamu show.  I spoke with Jake as they were leaving the park and I could hear Skylar in the background crying...so I knew she had a good time!

We were hoping Skylar would be exhausted from Sea World and want to take a nap when she got home, but she wanted to keep the party going.  The kids played in the back alley until dinner time.

The next morning the kids were ready to go (especially Skylar, since she woke up at 5:00 am).  They were at the basketball court before 9:00 am and than we took them to the park by 10:00 am.  I'm so not used to having a 4 year boy in the house and didn't realize how much energy they have.  By the time we left the park it was lunch and nap time for Skylar and Madden. Skylar still full of excitement only nap for an hour and was ready to go again.  With the sun out and the weather warm we let the kids get wet with the water table.  That night we all went out to dinner and than took the kids for ice cream.

I went out for my morning run on Sunday, while Jake and Jessee let the kids go crazy.  Jake said they were having so much fun playing with the ball pit and Madden was just in awe of Uncle Jessee's juggling skills.  Once I got back Madden was asleep and Jake had everyone packed up to head to the beach.  They played in the water for close to 2 hours until coming home for lunch.   Now on day three Skylar was starting to feel the lack of sleep because she took close to a 3 hour nap that day.  

We were hoping that the sun would come out so we could hit up the pool, but it never really did.  Once we mentioned bounce house, Nico was all about it.  We blew it up and let the kids have at it.  Madden was having so much fun.  He would push himself down the front slide without any help.  Jake put together a great dinner and we headed up for ice cream again.  The next morning we explained to Skylar and cousin Nico was heading back home today, to which she said that she didn't want him to leave.  We really had a great time with Jessee and Nico and can't wait for their next visit.  I know Skylar had so much fun because yesterday at day care Michelle told me that Skylar took a 4 hour nap.  A 4 hour nap is unheard for Skylar, so I know she was really burned out from her exciting weekend with her cousin and uncle.


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  1. We love all the pix of Skylar and Nico together at Sea World. The way they pose with their heads together makes it look like they see each other ALL the time. It was fun to see the pix of "what happens at home when mom's not there." The pix of the 3 cousins in the bounce house is precious. Uncle Jake and Aunt Nicole sure showed Nico a great time. It looks like Jessee had fun, too. What??? No pix of Nicole?
    Love, Suzie