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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Skylar is at the perfect age to totally understand all that Easter has to offer.  Last weekend we decided to dye eggs since we knew we weren't going to have time Easter Weekend.  This year she really enjoyed coloring the eggs and of course, didn't want anyone's help since she is a "big girl" now and wanted to do everything on her own.  Jake and I joked that all of her eggs turned out the same color because she liked to put each egg in every color.


As tradition we went up to Aunt Elsa and Uncle Jon's house but decided to celebrate on Saturday instead of Easter Sunday.  Right when we arrived the kids were able to open their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa.  My mom did a great job getting them summer shoes, which I'm sure I was more excited about than they were.  Skylar got a huge cookie bunny that she was holding on to most of the morning.

Last year the kiddos were a bit young for an egg hunt, Gabe and his family weren't there, so this year we wanted to make up for not having one and have the ultimate hunt.  Between my Mom, Uncle Ronnie and Gabe I believe we had close to 150 eggs to hid.  Uncle Ronnie, Jake, and Kayla were in charge of hiding them all while the rest of us tried to keep the kids entertained in the backyard.  We gave the girls a bit of a head start before the boys we allowed to run wild.  Uncle Ronnie hid his confetti eggs which no one was safe from.  Skylar loved smashing the eggs on Dada's head.



When leaving Aunt Elsa's Skylar said how much fun she had and how she wanted to go back.  Makes me happy to hear her say that because she doesn't get to see her cousins very often and it was great seeing her have such a fun time with them.

The kids were both up by 6:15 am on Easter and excited to see what the Easter Bunny left in their baskets.  Skylar was so happy to see what she had been asking for for weeks now...Stompeez!  They were by far her favorite gift from the Easter Bunny, but she was confused on why the Easter Bunny gave her the bunny stompeez and not the crocodile ones she wanted (Mom already ordered the bunny ones).  Madden just loved the empty plastic eggs and could care less about anything else in his basket.  The kids both got new swimsuits and crocs for our upcoming trip to Cabo.

We had Easter Brunch plans but we wanted to make sure we did another Easter egg hunt in our front yard for the kids.  Madden was in a grumpy mood after he woke up from his nap and didn't want to hunt for eggs,  which didn't bother Skylar one bit....more eggs for her.  By the end of Easter Skylar had 4 chocolate bunnies, $6.00 dollars in coins, a huge bunny cookie, and a bag of jelly beans.  I would definitely say she had a successful Easter.

My Easter Loves!

Easter Brunch was perfect.  The four of us had a nice time and the kids were both in great moods.  Madden was really enjoying brunch until the Easter Bunny stopped by our table.  I think he was really ready for Easter to be over with.


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  1. What wonderful Easter memories. These pix are so cute. We loved that all of Skylar's eggs came out the same color; and that she wondered why the Easter Bunny got the wrong animals on her shoes. It is so great to see Madden participating in a holiday with Skylar. We liked him peaking over the table while Skylar was dying her eggs.
    Happy Easter, Happy Spring!
    Love, Suzie