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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fun with Sophie

Since we were in Mammoth we had to missed out on Sophie's Big Birthday Bash.  I didn't even tell Skylar about it because I didn't want to upset her.  Lucky for us, we were back in time for Sophie's actually birthday.   Jess and Eric invited us over for dinner and dessert and Skylar couldn't wait.  She was definitely having separation anxiety after not seeing her bestie for four days.  The girls put on princess dresses, played with babies, and watched Frozen.  It was a perfect dinner/birthday celebration for our girl Sophie! 

Right before Skylar caught her hair on fire from Sophie's birthday candle...hehehe!  It was a small singe and we just told Skylar we were trying to get frosting out of her hair.

Later that week the girls got to experience their first mani/pedi's together.  I'm sure this is just the first of many trips to the nail salon for these two.

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  1. I enjoyed the pic of Skylar and Sophie walking with Sophia "the First." So darling! Oh my gosh! Did Skylar's hair really catch on fire?!? Aunt Sherry's hair caught on fire once. Not funny. I loved the pic of "funny friends." Happy Birthday, Sophie! I loved Skylar and Madden in the tea cups!