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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

We were pretty excited for Valentines Day this year since it was the first time Skylar was going to put together valentines for her friends.  Thank goodness for pinterest because I was able to find a cute idea for a toddler valentine.  Together Skylar and I made the trail mix and she filled each bag one by one.  It was cute to see the excitement on her face.

Skylar was pretty lucky because she received a ton of valentines from all her friends and classmates.  Her favorite was the heart shaped cup (in the picture below) she received from Daniel.  She has been very hydrated since Valentines Day since she wants to always be drinking out of it.

On Valentines Day morning I made the kids pink pancakes and we decided to make cookies for Dad.

We had Sophie over who liked eating all the frosting and toppings more than actual decorating.  Madden would take a bite out of each cookie and than decorate.  Figuring out which cookies were Madden's was pretty easy.   Skylar of course, had to sample one to make sure they were yummy enough for Dad.  The kids had fun and Jake was very happy to see a massive plate of cookies all for him. 

We kept Valentines Day pretty mellow by just taking the kids out to dinner and grabbing frozen yogurt.  All in all it was a fun day filled with love for everyone.

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  1. I can't believe I missed these Valentine pictures! The heart cookies looked so festive! What a great job the three of them did with the decorations. What a fun way to celebrate. I like the Valentine display, and the "heart shaped" cup! Skylar has always enjoyed drinking water out of a variety of different cups and water bottles. You made Valentine's Day so much fun for Skylar, Madden, and, of course, Sophie!