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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Ballpark Fun

The kids had such a good time at the last Padres game we decided to get tickets to another.  We have been having some wacky weather lately.  A ton of humidity and rain...yes...rain.  The day of the game it was pretty much raining on and off all day.  It rained the whole drive down to Petco Park, but right when we pulled into downtown the rain stopped.    

We got beach seats again to keep the kids entertained. The kids played in the sand and ate ball park goodies.  Skylar had a half a hot dog, a churro, some of Johnny's ice cream cone, a couple M&Ms, and a squeeze, and by the 7th inning she was complaining of a tummy ache and wanted to go home.  She said next time she wouldn't have so many special treats.  The game actually ended up going 12 innings so leaving at the 7th wasn't too bad.

Madden and JJ were too scared of the Petco mascot to take a picture with them.

Madden did a lot better this game when it came to not throwing sand at other kids.

Before the tummy ache.

Jumping on CJ's back.  Sugar high was just starting.

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  1. These are great "baseball" pictures. It makes me want to go to a game. 'Just love the picture of Skylar and dad, Skylar and the mascots, Skylar, mom, and the hot dog, and Madden and the "churro tongue. Skylar ate like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And HE got a tummy ache, too. But, there is nothing like ballpark food. Thanks for a great day at the ball game!