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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Concert in the Park....Bressi Style

 Recently our neighborhood lost our social chair which put a abrupt ending to our neighborhood events.  We usually have 2 or 3 events during the summer and we hadn't had anything since Easter.  Once news broke that one of the wonderful moms in our neigborhood stepped up to take over you could say I was thrilled.  The events are always so much fun and one of the main reason why I love our community as much as I do.  

We were excited that the committee stepped up right away and put a date on the calendar for Concert in the Park.  It was one of the best events last year and were pretty bummed that we may be missing out on it.    We packed up our chairs, blankets, and beverages and headed up to the gazebo area in our neighborhood.    The band was very fun.  They played a bunch of cover songs from Lady Gaga to Guns and Roses.  There was a sponsored pizza and activities for the kids.

Always on the move!  Of course the kids love running around the gazebo/stage area where the band was set up.  At one point I caught Madden one second away from pulling the plug on all the music...literally.

Johnny was taking the concert very seriously at one point.

The girls 1st #selfie.  

Jess and I.  Don't know what I would do without my most amazing neighbor and friend.  Photo creds given to Skylar.

Bubs letting us know the music was too loud for him.

Strike a Pose!

Bubbles were brought in to entertain the kids.  Which kept them occupied for bit, but it wasn't until some random older women showed up with a bucket and strings on a stick did the kids really get a kicked out of the bubbles.  

Dozens of kids lined up to take a turn to make a gigantic bubble with her.  Poor Madden was finally up when the lady got worn out and made somewhat of a run for it.  She left as quick as she showed up.

As if the Johnny's face doesn't explain it, after a bit more dancing the kids were starting to get tired and the concert was winding down, so we called it a night.  It was a great first event by our new social chair and her committee and I'm looking forward to more of them to come.

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  1. These pix are so cute! 'Just love the freedom the kids have to dance where ever they want. That is so funny that Madden almost shut the party down by pulling the plug on the music. That Madden! The pic of Johnny is so cute--such a serious face! Great bubble pictures! Love the "dancing girls" twirling in their dresses; and Madden's expressions are priceless.