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Monday, February 9, 2015

A Disney Daze!!

We have been on a Disney crash course the last couple weeks.  We have gone twice in less than two weeks.  A little birdie told me that the best time to go is the end of January/early February and with this recent measles outbreak the place is almost a ghost town.  

My Mom joined us for one of the visits.  The kids rocked it and we did our first all day Disney trip without a nap for Madden.  We figured by 2:00 PM Madden would be done but he showed no signs and we were walking on most rides, so we powered though all the way to 6:00 PM.  We did a ton of new rides and shows and the four of us had the best day together.

Riding Finding Nemo for the first time.

The Mark Twain Steamboat.

Madden and Nana riding the flying Dumbo ride.  Nana has a small fear of heights and Madden wanted to ride his elephant at the highest peak possible.

Madden wanted to ride ever ride with Nana this trip.  Here is the two of them riding on one of Madden's favorite ride...Buzz Lightyear!

Our next visit to the park was to celebrate Sophie's 5th Birthday.  The girls started the morning at the Anna and Elsa Boutique getting their Frozen make overs.  The girls got to pick out their hair styles, eye shadow color, nail polish, and lip gloss.

Meeting their idols, Anna and Elsa.

Cars ride #selfie.  Skylar was all smiles at the beginning but was pretty upset with me at the end because I didn't tell her that the ride was going to go fast.  She said she won't go on it until she is 16.  Huge bummer because it is an awesome ride.

We also made it into Olaf's snow party.

Frozen Sing-Along Show.

These kids are pretty blessed, I think they have been to Disneyland more times in their short lives than I ever went it my 33 years.  Lucky for them, Mom just renewed her pass which means more trips to come.  


  1. What a wonderful day with Nana and Sophie and friends! Oh, I know that Madden had a great day, of course, The Elsa Saloon is adorable! I love your blue streaks, Skylar! Fun, fun for everyone! Is the "car" ride new? Always a great day in Disneyland!

  2. Oops! My mistake. It wasn't a car ride, it was Finding Nemo. There are sooo many new rides! I'm glad Dumbo is still a favorite.