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Monday, March 30, 2015

Bressi Easter Event

This weekend, us ladies from the Bressi Ranch Social Committee put on our first event of 2015.  It was time to ring in Spring and throw the neighborhood Easter social.  We had a wonderful Easter bunny who couldn't of been sweeter.  The kids had crafts to do and games to play to win prizes.  

Madden had another rough go with the Easter Bunny.  This was probably his worst experience with any holiday character to date.  With him getting bigger and more physical I thought he was going to hurt her.

I had such mothers guilt after that.  It was as if I was torturing him and CPS should of been called on me.  It put him in such a sad mood for the beginning of the event. 

Skylar, of course, all smiles!  

Sophie, Skylar, Mila, and Abigail!

The kids got to make bunny hats and decorate eggs ornaments.

Madden slowly starting to have fun.

Love these two bunny besties!

Thought it was best to leave Madden out of the family bunny photo.  

Skylar and her love Daniel.  She says she is going to marry Daniel.

Back to 100% and playing ball with Dad.

Playing games to win stuffed eggs, bunny whistles, and Bressi beach balls.

Skylar hanging out with the Kurisu brothers, Nathan and Dylan.

Skylar and her great friend Ellie.  Ellie is in her dance class and goes to the same school.  And pretty recently we discovered we live in the same neighborhood and are only a couple houses away.  They have become the sweetest little friends that Skylar spend the last hour of the event just running around with Ellie.

After taking pictures with tons of kids the Bunny got up and did a conga line and played games with the kids.  They wouldn't leave her alone.  I was amazed she was able to sneak away at the end of the event.

It was the perfect way to kick off Easter for the whole community.  We received a ton of positive feedback and it looked like all the kids had a great time, which is all that matters in the end.

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