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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mammoth 2015

Snow or slush...what were we going to get?!?!  We were up in Mammoth a week ago and all I wanted was to see some snow fall.  Last year we had the best luck ever and it ended up dumping tons of fresh powder the night before we arrived, but the days leading up to this trip it was looking like mostly slush for us.  It had been 80 degrees here and 50 and sunny up there so we were starting to get a little bummed out that the snow wasn't going to be the best.  The kids did amazing on the long car ride up and couldn't of been more thrilled to be staying at my parents old Mammoth condo.  The condo has bunk beds and I'm pretty sure they were the highlight of the trip for both kids.  

Jake and my Dad swam and relaxed at the hot springs while the kids napped after we arrived.

The next morning we all headed up to the mountain to check Skylar into ski school.  We were so blessed this trip with Madden.  He was a real struggle last year with refusing to put on his jackets, gloves or anything that would keep him warm.  Even walking on his own wasn't an option.  This year there wasn't any fight and he actually walked all on his own this trip.

Skylar did great in ski school this year.  Her instructor was very impressed with her and by the end of the day had her turning all the way down the little slope and was one of the last kids to leave the mountain.   I'm hoping next year we will get to take her up on the slopes with us for a couple runs. 

I may of spoke a little too soon.  Madden was much better this trip, but he did have his moments.  The only way we were able to keep him on the mountain with us while Skylar skied was to have him under his jacket watching YouTube on my Dad's iPad.  I think my Dad had to shout for me a handful of times as I watch Skylar ski to come attend to Madden and his YouTube selections, but at least he stayed with us until nap time.

The next day Jake, Jeremy and I got to hit the slopes.  I didn't ski last year, so I was really glad I did this trip.  Lucky for us after weeks of no new snow a storm was rolling in that day and we could definitely feel it on mountain...it was COLD!  The mountain was pretty empty and we were probably some of the first people on it, which was awesome.  I skied up until lunch time and called it a day.  It was getting way to cold for me.  Jake and Jeremy hit up a few more runs before it started snowing and the winds really started to kick up.  

Me before heading down a black diamond run in some white out conditions.

That night we all took the bus into town and had dinner.  It was snowing and a lot of fun to be walking around town in.

It had snowed all night so we woke up to about 3 inches of fresh snow.  The kids found this massive icicle hanging from our porch which they ate with their breakfast.

We were really hoping Skylar would be up for ski school again, but she didn't feel like it and wanted to sled.  We were able to walk right across the street where there was a ton of fresh snow.

Madden was a lot of talk that morning.  He was carrying around his sled saying how much he wanted to go, but he only last 5 minutes and raced back to the condo.

Skylar had a blast.

Making snow angels!

She even built a snowman which she named Madden.

She ended up crashing into Madden and made Dad and cousin Jeremy rebuilt him.

Later on we went up to the lodge and hung out while Madden napped.  It was so beautiful and sunny up there with all the fresh snow.

Every Saturday in the Mammoth Village they put on the Woolly Parade.  Well, its really not a parade, it was more like a conga line, but hey, the kids loved it.  They got to watch Woolly and his friends dance and sing on stage.  Madden liked Woolly so much (well from distance), Woolly wanted to give Madden a high five, but Madden completely dissed him, but I did end up buying him a Woolly lovie which he loved.

I know it looks like they aren't having fun, but they really did enjoy the Woolly show. We caught the bus again to dinner and called it a night.  We had a long drive home the next morning.  We really had a great time and don't think we could of asked for a better trip.  Madden made great strides this trip and we are hoping he will be up for ski school next year.  Skylar made us proud again at ski school and can't wait to see how much more she improves next year.

Until next winter!

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  1. Great pictures! I'm glad you got enough snow for Skylar and you all to ski and snowboard. Sledding loved like so much fun! Next year Madden will like it better! What beautiful weather. Great pic of Jake in the hot springs!