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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cheer Camp 2016

Summer is here which means, summer camps are in full effect.  To kick off the summer camp the girls participate in Cheer Camp.  This was Skylar's second year at this camp and she couldn't of been more thrill to have her BFF doing it with her.  They learned cheers, did arts and crafts, played endless games, had a water fight, and learned some hip hop dance moves.  

Like last year the coach invites all the parents to watch the performance the girls had been working on all week.  

 Here is the link to the dance the girls choreographed on there own.  Skylar said they learned it the day before the performance, which kind of shows, but it was still really cute.

The below link is the girls big dance performance. 

The girls had a blast doing it and it was the perfect way to kick off summer camps season!

1 comment:

  1. I do think Skylar will make a great, spirited cheerleader. The girls look so happy! Rah, rah!
    Grand-ma Suzie