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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why is it so hard to say "Goodbye"

Last week we all had to say good-bye to our dear nanny Lauren.  Lauren has been with us for the past year and she has been nothing but beyond fabulous.  She took such amazing care of Skylar and Madden that Jake and I never had one worry.  She took the kids on endless trips to legoland, the library, chuck e cheese, the movies, and the trampoline park.  She would spend afternoon helping with homework and driving both Skylar and Madden to and from school and their activities.  The kids grew to love her so much as did I that when she told us she was going to be moving back east to be with her boyfriend it was heartbreaking.  She was sweet enough to give us plenty of notice, but when her last day came it was still very hard to take.  The kids gave her big hugs and were happy to take pictures with her, while both Lauren and I were in tears.  

As most working mom's know, its never easy find good care takers for your kids, so when you do, losing one is never easy.  We are so thankful to Lauren for loving our kids as if they were her own, and hope to always keep in touch with her.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to Lauren. You were lucky to have her; and she was so lucky to be a part of Skylar and Madden's young lives!
    Good luck to Lauren!