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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Skylar's Soccer Season 2016

Third time was definitely the charm for soccer this year for Skylar.  She had her best season yet and we had the best group of girls and parents anyone could ask for.  After last season and feeling pretty disappointed in the coach I really didn't have much desire to sign Skylar up again, but when Jake and Eric said they would coach the girls it was a no brainer.  The Golden Pandas were born with a mix of girls from Skylar's school and Sophie's school.  

Soccer Sisters!

Jake and Eric went above and beyond as coaches, and I'm not just saying that.  They were so wonderful with the girls and made the season such a blast for all of them.  They coached the girls so well that you could see improvement in each and everyone of them by the end of the season.  Jess and I were in charge for glitter and glitz.  We always made sure our girls were the most sparkly ones on the field. 

We pretty much wait two full seasons for Skylar to score a goal and this season it finally happened and happened a lot.  She was so much faster and more aggressive this season.  She never liked to come out and take a break.  She would always ask her Dad to put her back in.  It was so great to see her put everything she had into each and every game and practice.

Not only was I proud of Skylar, I was so proud of Jake.  He really stepped up and did a fantastic job coaching. I had parents every week telling me how happy they were with him as a coach.  It was also such a special time for Jake to coach Skylar. I know he really loved being out there with her.

Someone else who had a great soccer season was Madden.  If you go back and read my previous soccer season post you would read how hard Madden was at games and practices.  This season he was given the title of Assistant Coach Madden.  He carried the ball bag to practice and would help set up cones.  He became friends with a bunch of the little brothers for the team and would love playing with them.  We can't wait for next season when Madden will actually be on the field playing.

Always having fun!

Besides having the loudest mom cheering her on, Skylar got extra support from Grandma and Grandpa who's fall visit fell on a soccer weekend.

All these pandas girls became such great friends so fast.  Each week they had would have so much fun together.  Always cheering each other one and giving high fives to show their support.

For our end of the season party we took the team bowling.  The coaches gave short speeches about each the girls and they all received their trophies.

It's so hard to believe how little Skylar was when we first signed her up for soccer.  I remember her going to her first practice where she didn't know anyone on the team and started to cry a bit because she was so nervous to even tell the team her name.  She was the by far the youngest and definitely the smallest on the field whenever she was out there.  It has been so rewarding seeing her play these past three seasons in the Girls Under 7 League.  She never once complained, whined, or said she didn't want to play and can't wait to see what next season on the big field will bring.  

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