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Monday, January 23, 2017

Father/Daughter Dance 2017

Now that the holidays are done, school is back in full swing the first big school event was the Father/Daughter Dance.  Its always a highlight for the young girls at school and Skylar was on a countdown for the big night.

I put together a pre dance dinner with Skylar and eleven of her friends.  The girls had a blast eating pizza and having cupcakes.   Jake said they were pretty crazy, but who could blame them.  It was a big night for them all.

Couldn't be more happy that Skylar has surrounded herself with so many wonderful friends.

Oliva, Skylar, Emma and Aubrey

Group shot, minus a few.

Skylar and her bestie Lucy having some photo booth fun.

Skylar and Ava breaking it down.

Jake and Casey (Lucy's Dad) took top honors as the best dancing dads at the event.  Jake said they busted out the kid and play.  #bestdadsever #willtheyrepeatnextyear

Lucy, Skylar, and Ava.

A mom caught this sweet moment between these two at the end of the dance.  Skylar is definitely the luckiest girl to have such an amazing dad.

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  1. So many great pictures of Jake and Skylar. It looks like they were both having a Ball! I like the picture of Skylar and Ava dancing together, and Skylar and Lucy in the photo booth. Congratulations to Jake and Casey for winning the dance contest! What a great event for fathers and daughters!