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Monday, May 23, 2011

Meeting Mackenzie

Now a days it's so rare when all of our friends can get together.  Everyone is in different cities and have so many things going on that its hard for us all to hang out.  When we found out that The Finkel's were going to be in Orange County for the weekend it was the perfect opporunity to finally meet the beautiful Mackenzie Finkel and get the crew together.  The Finkel's were staying at a cute hotel in Laguna Beach right on the water and lucky for us they were able to get us a room for the night.  Of course the first thing we had to do once we arrived was meet Mackenzie and hold her.  For some reason I was extremely nervous to hold a baby that size again, it was so hard for me to remember Skylar ever being that small and once Mackenzie got a little fussy I had to hand her back to her Mommy because it freaked me out.  Wanting a cute picture of Skylar and Mackenzie meeting for the first time didn't quite happen as Jenn and I hoped.  Mackenzie look adorable, but Skylar decided she wanted nothing to do with it.

The hotel had a perfect little lawn area with tables and lounge chairs that looked out on to the stunning pacific ocean so while waiting for everyone else to join us we caught up with Jenn and Fink and heard about what life is like now with Mackenzie. It's crazy because last time we saw Jenn and Fink they weren't parents and now seeing them as parents is so incredible. They are such naturals and have such a wonderful bond as a family.  Mackenzie is a doll and such a good baby.  She barely fussed and just let everyone admire and hold her the whole time we were with her.

Once Darc, Blake, Dianne, Jake and The TenBroeck's arrived the girls had some girl time while the boys headed down to the beach.   Dianne and Heather got to meet and hold Mackenzie for the first time.  We decided to order dinner in and just enjoy each others company and conversation for the evening.  Skylar's highlight were the lounge chairs that she keep crawling in and out of.   

By 8:00 pm I had to call it a night and take Skylar to bed while the rest of the girls continued to chat and the boys challenged each other to a ping pong tournament.  From what I heard about the ping pong tournament it got pretty intense with Jake E. and Finkel taking top honors (sorry Blake and Jake R.). 

The next morning before we had to say our "goodbye's" we were lucky to get some cute photos of Skylar and Mackenzie.  It even looked as if Mackenzie was trying to wrap her arm around Skylar's arm. 

When we were in college seeing each other every day I never pictured a time when we would all be living in different cities going months without seeing each other, but now that is our reality, so when we do all get together I make sure to cherish it.  The most beautiful thing about our group of friends is that as we continue to grow separately as families we never grow apart as friends. 

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  1. Life is better with good friends and family to share it. You have been blessed with both!
    Love, The Bonzes