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Monday, July 25, 2011

30th Birthday San Francisco Trip

This year is a big year for all of my best friends and I.  We are all turning the dirty 30 this year and we wanted to celebrate it in a big way.  Having already done Palm Springs and Vegas several times together we decided to try something different and thought San Francisco would be perfect.  After dealing with flight delays we finally all arrived and immediately went to our hotel in Union Square and headed to the hotel bar for Happy Hour.

Having been stuck at the airport most of the day we were all ready for a delicious dinner and drinks.  We found a great Asian fusion restaurant/lounge a few blocks away from our hotel.  The food was so good.  I know this is super random, but they had the BEST edamame I have ever had.  The dinner was equally as good and it was nice just chatting, drinking and reminiscing together for hours.  After dinner we walked the streets of Union Square despite it being freezing cold that night.  The big joke of the weekend was how the only jacket each of us brought were black blazers.  So the 4 of us looked ridiculous walking the streets together in pretty much the exact same jacket.  We stopped at another lounge for another round of drinks and then back to our hotel for a night cap at our hotel bar.  I think we go went to bed around 2:00 am that night.

The next morning we had plans to meet up with Audra and Andrea for lunch, but before that, we did some shopping.  After putting dents on our credit cards we headed over to the Marina District for our mini Theta reunion at The Tipsy Pig.  This place was super cute.  They had the most amazing drinks and next time we go up there I totally want to take Jake for lunch.  It was so nice catching up with Audra and Andrea.  We all couldn't stop laughing when chatting about old Theta memories.  After lunch we decided to the the dorky tourist thing and head over to Fisherman's Warf to walk around and look for souviners.   

For our last night we asked the front desk for some Italian Restaurant recommendations and booked one of them for dinner.  It wasn't exactly what we were looking for; the food was really good, but the atmosphere was a little too "family friendly".  After dinner we heading to another lounge called the Le Colonial which a lot of people recommended to us.  We arrived right before the crowds got there and snagged a great spot in the club.  This place great so much fun. They had strong drinks and played the best hip hop music, Jackie and Dianne hit the dance floor.  It was the perfect place for our last night in the city.  We walked back to our hotel and attempted to have another night cap at our hotel bar, but missed last call and had to just call it a night.

The weekend was exactly how we wanted to celebrate our 30th's together; appetizing food, awesome shopping, tasty drinks and great company.  I look forward to when we are planning our 60th Birthday celebration together.  Love you all!!

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  1. Now, this is MY idea of the perfect "Birthday" weekend. I love the picture with the S.F. street in the background. You guys all look so cute. What great friendships you all share. The
    San Francisco destination rules for any birthday.
    Love, Suzie