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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ooohhh BOY!!!

As I'm sure you can tell from the title, we are expecting a little boy.  Jake, Skylar and I are all thrilled for our little man to arrive and complete our family.  This time around when finding out the sex I wanted to do something a little different and surprise Jake with what we are having.  I decided to move my appointment up a week without him knowing and then decorate the house depending on pink or blue.  Thanks to my brother and Dad setting up a round of golf for the morning it was pretty easy to get Jake out for a few hours to set up the house.

For two days Skylar and I didn't tell a soul that she was going to have a little brother.  I wanted to make sure Jake would be the first to find out, thought that would only be fair.  We ordered 30 baby blue balloons and 2 pink balloons to put out on the front porch so when Jake arrived home he would see both the pink and blue.  It was Skylar's job to put the balloons on the front porch.

Once Jake was pulling around the corner my brother sent us a text message so we could get ready for Jake's big entrance into the house.  When Jake walked through the door and saw all the balloons he was pretty confused.  He thought I was throwing him a surprise birthday party because his birthday is a week away and he just kept saying, "What, our appointment is next week?"  So my plan of him seeing the balloons on the front porch cluing him in on what he was walking into didn't work.  He only saw balloons, didn't even notice the color of them.  My brother told me when they were walking in Jake was asking him "Is she throwing me a party, tell me she isn't throwing me a party?!?!"  Needless to say, it finally all clicked to him that he was going to have a son and he was extremely happy and really appreciative of the surprise Skylar and I put together for him.

Our little man at 19 weeks.

The money shot!!


  1. So excited for Baby Boy to arrive!! Congrats again Ernest family!! Love you guys!

  2. I just love this segment, Nicole. The confusion of Jake thinking "is it a surprise party?!" is priceless.
    Hurray for a baby boy!
    Someday, Jake, you WILL get a birthday worthy of you. Someday....
    Love, The Bonzes