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Monday, February 13, 2012

Visiting with the Grandma and Grandpa

This weekend Jake's parents came into town for a long weekend.  They hadn't seen our new home yet so it was nice having them stay with us.  Ever since Jake and I have been together his parents come down a handful of times a year for a visit and I felt like this one was the most laid back and relaxing which was really nice.  Skylar was in heaven having them around.  Grandma Suzie probably read all of her books to her...twice and Grandpa Paul was great running around the whole house with her (not to mention its always a nice break for Jake and I to have help entertaining her). 

Like I said it was a extremely mellow weekend.  On Friday we continued to have this beautiful weather so we decided to head over to the beach in the later afternoon.  Skylar is such a water baby that it was hard to keep her way from the crashing waves.

Her favorite thing to do at the beach is to pick up the rocks and throw them into the ocean.

She loved showing off her sandcastle building skills to her Grandma and Grandpa.

By the end of the beach trip her pants and hat were soaked and covered in sand which is always a good sign that she had fun.  That night we walked up to our favorite restaurant and had a nice dinner.  The next day the weather started off rainy so Paul and Jake took a few hours and worked on the nursery and Suzie, Skylar and I went and found the perfect dresser for the baby's room.

Having stayed inside most of Saturday and getting things done in the baby's room Sunday we made sure to get out and decided to go to the Encinitas Botanical Gardens.  Jake, Paul, Suzie and I visited there several years ago so it was nice being able to go back. 

Skylar loved running all over the gardens.  Of course she didn't want to stay on the paved roads in the gardens she wanted to take all the trails.  The first time we went we didn't pay much attention to the Children's Garden, but this time its where we spent most of our time.  Climbing the ropes in the tree house was Skylar's favorite thing to do since she is such a little daredevil.  Then she and Jake made a friend and spent a ton of time playing with the building blocks.

Paul and Suzie took some time to explore the rest of the gardens while Jake and I continued to let Skylar roam around the Childrens Garden.  It was pretty cute because when sitting on the dinosaurs she made sure that Dad was always sitting on the other one.

With the weekend coming to a end we made a yummy dinner at home and just let Grandma and Grandpa spend some quality time with Skylar.  It was another great visit which always goes too fast.  Skylar definitely had a ton of fun and you can tell how much love she has for her Grandparents.  I know she doesn't get to see them often, but it's so nice to see how loving she is with them when they are all together.  We are all looking forward to their next trip out in few months after the baby is born.   

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  1. These were such darling pix of our wonderful visit. The pix at the beach in shadow were especially touching.
    We DID enjoy such a relaxing visit, and Skylar is a fabulous hostess. (Of course, she gets this from her mom and dad.
    The Botanical Gardens are amazing and always nice to revisit.
    The "Ranch" will have to wait once again.
    Much love the our SoCal family! Grand-ma Suzie and Grand-pa Paul