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Monday, February 27, 2012

Aunt & Uncle Love

A few weekends ago Jake and I had a wedding to attend so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Skylar to hang out with her Uncle and Aunt.  Matthew and Erin hadn't seen Skylar since Christmas so the three of them were overdue for some time together.  We left while Skylar was napping so when she woke up to her Uncle and Aunt she was thrilled to see them they said.  They immediately took her up to the park on our street and then went for frozen yogurt.  After that they took her out to dinner where she was a perfect angel and sat in her chair the whole dinner and ate all her food.  She would NEVER in a million years to that for us. 

The next morning we had some errands to run so it was perfect that Matthew and Erin were able to entertain her some more for us.  They headed up to Peets Coffee and then played with her in her playroom.

I love seeing Skylar interact with her Uncle and Aunt, she is just so lovely with them it makes we wish she could visit with them more often.  She definitely had a great weekend and I think we are going to have to make a trip up to Long Beach again real soon.

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