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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Visit with Jessee, Cara and Nico

Talk about a great time to come and visit.  Jessee, Cara and Nico booked tickets a few months ago to visit with us and they really couldn't of picked a better weekend.  The weather was just gorgeous and we spent so much time outside it was just perfect.  It had been some time since they had been down in San Diego.  I believe the last time they visited I was only 3 months pregnant with Skylar and we were living it up in Pacific Beach so it was nice being able to have them down to our new house and our somewhat different life.

We started our long weekend off at Legoland which we all knew Nico would love.  He is the right age and size to really enjoy all the rides that the park has to offer so we definitely wanted to make a day of it. 

Right from the beginning when Nico found the little Sprayground he didn't want to leave it and we had to drag him to the next attraction.

The DUPLO Playground is perfect for Skylar as she is able to run all over the place and enjoy the train ride.  Nico even loved exploring all the different lego houses.  Skylar is too young for the majority of the rides at Legoland, so we would hang out while Jessee and Cara would take Nico on many of the attractions.  They said he was be scared at first but once they got him on the ride he ended up loving it.  He even got this drivers licenses while at the park.  It was really cute watching him drive around the track and pass up some of the other kids.

Skylar and I enjoying a plane ride.  Jake an I are beginning to discover that Skylar really has no fear and is up for anything. 

Next stop was the Pirate Island attraction where everyone got a little wet, but Skylar was the only one who wasn't to happy about it.  We weren't sure if it was because she got scared of the water or if it was because her Churro was in the line of fire.

Nico had only one semi fit and that was when he was told he couldn't ride the plane for the 5th time in a row.  He loved it and was having so much fun.  I hadn't really be able to get a picture of his smiling for me all day because he isn't the biggest fan of the camera but he couldn't help but smile while he was riding this ride.  It was super cute.

We spent the whole day at Legoland and that night we were all too exhausted to even think about dinner that we just ordered in.  It was the perfect place to go with Nico and it was so much fun watching him really enjoying himself after each ride.  Hopefully next time they come visit Skylar will be a little bit taller and she will be able to enjoy more of the attractions with her cousin and maybe we can even take Nico to the water park.

After being pretty exhausted from our long day at Legoland we stayed close to home the next day and just let the kids roam around the neighborhood and play in the alley.

80 degrees in March is just totally crazy to think about, so we wanted to make sure we got over to the beach at some point during the weekend.  So Sunday morning we got up early and packed up every thing needed for the beach.  Surprisingly when we got there it was like 10-15 degree cooler then at our house with some pretty chilly wind blowing.  Of course, I was freezing from the second we sat our chairs down but either way we stayed for about an hour and had the kids play in the sand and let Jessee and Jake take a dipped in the ocean before we decided to packed things up and head to our community pool.

Leaving the beach and heading to the pool was perfect.  It was super warm and Skylar and Nico were like little fishes in the water.  Skylar loves the pool so much, she will dunk her head under the water all by herself and come back up just smiling and wanting to do it again.

Well it's always sad when family has to leave, but I really don't think we could of had a better, more relaxing and entertaining weekend then we did.  Skylar loved having her cousin Nico around as she would copy pretty much everything he would do.  She loved playing with all his little hot wheels, having him play in her playroom with her, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings together.  It was great spending time with Jessee and Cara and just chatting with just us around.  I know it meant a lot to Jake that they made the trip down and we are definitely looking forward to visitng with them again.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful weekend! The pix of Nico in the plane, and Skylar "posing" in her yellow car were adorable. ALL pix were so cute. This was definitely the "perfect" weekend for two families with young cousins. Jessee and Jake looked like they were having fun, too. These pix reminded me of all the times the Austin and Ernest families used to get together.
    Life is good in Carlsbad! Love, Suzie

  2. Again - a million thanks for such a good time! We loved every minute of it :)