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Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Legoland Visit

Last week Skylar and I had the afternoon free after her nap so I decided to take her to Legoland for a couple of hours before dinner time.  I took her to the massive sandbox that they have there since I know she loves playing in the sandbox at day care.  She kept following this little boy around and wanted to play in the sand next to him. 

Next we hit up her favorite part of the park the DUPLO play area.  She could honestly play here all day if she could.  She loves climbing into all the little houses and playing with all the legos they have in all the different sizes. 

15 minutes before the park was about to close Skylar found herself not wanting to leave because she was having too much fun shooting the water guns at the frogs.  She loved saying "frog eyes, frog eyes" because she kept shooting the frogs in their eyes.  Even when she got home she had to tell Dad how she got the water in the frogs eyes.

It's great having Legoland so close to our house, it literally takes us 10 minutes to get there and makes for a fun quick outing for Skylar.

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