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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 31st to Me

31, not quite as exciting as 30, but I still had a nice birthday.  With family in town I told Jake there was no need to do anything special for me, I even told him we could celebrate the following weekend because I didn't want my birthday to interfere with Jessee, Cara and Nico's trip.  Jake ended up making an amazing surf and turf dinner for everyone and then surprised me with my favorite kind of cake...cookies & cream ice cream cake.  Skylar helped me open my presents.  I was super excited when I opened my present from Jake and Skylar and saw just what I wanted.  A nice new camera!!!  I have been wanting a good camera for so long and had been getting so sick and tired of just using my iPhone that I was ecstatic when I saw my new Canon Camera in the box.  Big thanks to Jake, Skylar, Jessee, Cara and Nico for making my birthday so special.  Love you all!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nicole! These pix are so cute. Skylar looks so excited as she helps you open your present! The pix of you and Jake is really nice. You both look "still" so much in love!
    Love, Suzie