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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's not goodbye....It's see you later

I believe Skylar was eight months old when our nanny moved away and she started going to an in home day care.  Michelle was recommended to us by some good friends who's son had been going to Michelle's day care for a few months before Skylar started.  From the beginning I felt very comfortable with Michelle and I could see how much she loved the kids she cared for.  On Skylar's first day there was a little boy who was a month younger than she who was crawling all over the place while Skylar still hadn't showed one sign on wanting to move.  Well after two weeks there and watching that little boy Skylar was crawling all over the place.  I know that Alexander was the one who taught Skylar how to crawl.

Being so close in age, Skylar and Alexander became the best of friends.  When I think about it, Alexander is the one toddler her age that she spends the most time with.  He was definitely Skylar's first real friend.  They went from little babies to independent (well somewhat) toddlers together!  They both learned how to walk together, learned how to talk together, learned how use the potty together, and even became older siblings together.

Sadly, last week was Alexander's last week at Michelle's as he is starting preschool.  My heart broke for Skylar when Michelle told me a few weeks ago that Alexander would be leaving.  I just felt like Skylar was losing her partner in crime and things at Michelle's wouldn't be the same for her.  I tried to explain to her that Alexander would be leaving Michelle's because he is starting school and told her new friends would be coming soon.  I like to think she understands, but it may take a few days there before she really realizes her buddy isn't coming back to play.

For Alexander's last week his mom gave Michelle her camera and asked her to take a bunch of pictures of the kids as a memento to Alexander's time there.  I was very grateful that she sent me the pictures as well because I will be able to show to Skylar when she gets older what her day care was like and who her first friends were.  Also, I like it because it gave us a small glimpse into what goes on there during the day.

Skylar and Alexander 


Skylar, Alexander, and Jaka (Michelle's 2nd hand)

Playing with new toys for the sandbox

From Left to Right
Butol, Skylar, Alexander, Shuti, Zachary (Alexander little brother), and Madden

Michelle with her loves.  She has practically raised all these kids since they were infants.
I love Madden in this picture

Butol is also leaving Michelle's in the upcoming weeks, as well as Zachary so there are going to be some changes at Michelle's for both Skylar and Madden.  New friends will be coming and I know Skylar will be able to show them the ropes, but I know they wouldn't be able to replace Alexander and Zachary in her heart.  She likes to say "Alexander is my friend and Zachary is Madden's friend."  Side Note: Madden and Alexander are only about 7 days apart in age.  So I guess you can say Zachary is Madden's first friend as well.

Skylar and Alexander had a great two years together on a weekly basis, and hopefully we will be able to see him again.  I'm sure they won't remember each other as the years go on, but I will make sure to always tell her who her first friend was.

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  1. This was a great way for Skylar to remember her friend, Alexander, when she gets older. Saying good-bye to friends is always hard. These pix of the Daycare are great. What a fun and happy environment for Skylar and Madden. Michelle has a loving and safe place for young children. You and Jake are lucky.