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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Madden is 9 Months

9 Months already...boy did that go fast.  I can still remember those first few weeks when Madden was a infant and he was so hard.  I was crying, he was crying, it felt like it was never going to get easy, but now it's like those days never happened.  Anyone who meets Madden tells us how they love his smile and how happy he seems and its all true.  He is such a happy little boy who just loves to smile whenever someone shows him any attention.  He has grown so much since his 6 months update I don't even know where to begin.

Not long after he turned 6 months he started sitting up, which was the best thing ever. And it wasn't long after that he really started crawling everywhere and crawling fast.  He is even crawling up the stairs with the encouragement of his big sister.  He just loves to crawl into the playroom and play with all the toys along with Skylar.  He is pulling himself up on anything and everything that is his height.  He is standing on his own for 10-15 seconds which makes me so excited.  He just puts his arms up in the air as if he is so proud of himself.

Madden started walking around the furniture recently so we decided to bring out out Skylar's old walker and Madden is loving it.  He will use whatever can move and walk with it.  This morning I found him walking around the kitchen with one of the chairs from Skylars mini table.  I'm really hoping he will be walking by his first birthday.

Right now he has six teeth.  They all popped through within a few weeks of each other.  We just noticed the other day that it looks like he has two more about to come through on the bottom as well.  Luckily he's getting so many teeth because he loves his food.  He loves just about anything we give him.  Just last week he had his first pancake and he was loving the meatloaf we had for dinner last night.   He still loves all his vegetables and he can take down a whole banana by himself.  Half the time he doesn't want us to feed him with the spoon and rather pick up the food himself.  I can't even list his favorite food because he honestly will eat anything we give him.  The only thing he didn't seem to like were raspberries.  Think they were a bit too tart.

He loves playing with Skylar and being around her whenever she allows him to be.  One of his favorite things to do is remove all the outlet covers we have around the house and put them in his mouth.  He is such a trooper and doesn't mind being toted around to all of Skylar's activities.   Gymnastics class is like a big playground for him.  I barely get to watch Skylar because I'm chasing after Madden most of the 45 minute class.

These past three months Madden has grown up so much and its been so amazing to watch.  He is so much more advanced than Skylar was at this age that it feels like he is growing up much faster than she did.  I'm going to really cherish the next few months before our little guy turns one years old and he is no longer my baby.

Skylar and Madden 9 Month Comparison Photo

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  1. These are such cute pix of sister and brother. Why, oh why, do children always find the outlets? (Luckily, Jake and Nicole were ready with switch covers before Skylar was even a month old.)
    I especially enjoy the pix of Skylar feeding Madden. And Madden seems to love to put his arms up in the air.
    I enjoy these family moments so much!
    Love, Grand-ma